kind of holidays ||

Soo... Shoots bro!! January was fine. Partys, spend some time with family. And with my god Child as well ofcourse. January 30th Me and Tommy took a backpack, went to Arlanda. And of to honolulu. Main reason was the birthday of my kusin. We had two Nice weeks, with plenty of beer, sun, camping, fishin, jumpin and so on. A great adventure. Pictures might appear. On the Way back we stoped in new jersey and saw the big city NYC on our side. Back in Sweden, once again alot of party, Nice ofcourse. In februari 28th it felt Good to finaly step on the 31 hour train to Narvik, and 5 hour bus to my second Home Svolvaer. Now i been working a bit, but its stil quiet. Next weekend there Will be cod fish world Championship. And i guess that Will be a bit busy. Some news is; i rent a Room in Filips apartment 2 km from my job. That is a pain in the ass now when its so cold. But, tomorrow Will seamus pay deposit for Another flat. Witch is quiet Nice. Because that is 1 minute from my job. Yep, thats about it. Tonight karaoke?? Xx


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